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Don't take our word for it, just listen to a few of our own customers about why you should start classes or hire us for your next event.

Hiring / Performing Testimonials
"Hardly a better dancer in a 300 mile radius than Katy Moeggenberg!"
-Kira LaFave, Fellow Belly Dancer, Event Sponsor at Kira's Oasis (

"The [Club Bellydance] show had quite a magical opening." (in reference to Anaya's opening number)
-Sabrina Fox, Core Dancer in the Bellydancer Superstars

"Thank you lovely Belly Dancers on behalf of the Duke Energy Convention Center & the CVB, we appreciate all the entertainment you brought to our event. We hope to continue doing business with you in the future!
-Staff at the Duke Energy Center

"I just wanted to drop a note to tell you what a phenomenal job ya'll did at the show. Wonderful choreography, wonderful execution and precision. One of the top 5 routines I've ever seen...and I've seen a lot. Really, really special. THANK YOU!!"
-Audience member at Alhambra Night

"Anaya Gypsy, what a thrilling performance!"
-Conchi, Alhambra Night

"Ok,so I'm here on business. This is my first time to Cincinnati, and I was just wandering around downtown yesterday trying to get a feel for the city and waste a little time. I stumbled upon Fountain Square and saw that there was some sort of free show going on, so I mosied on over and what did I see? Bellydancers!

At that moment, I realized that Cincinnati may be one of the greatest cities in the country. The crowd was racially mixed, the sun was beating down but bearable, the music was funky and, hey, bellydancers! Outside! During the day! Try that in St. Louis, I dare you.

So I sat down in one of the free chairs there in the plaza and watched the rest of their show. I'm completely uneducated when it comes to this sort of dancing, but I was surprised that I spent more time looking at the dancers' faces and hand movements than their, you know, bellies. And hips, which, to be honest, those women can move in ways that I still don't believe is actually possible. But the faces and hands told so much as were so expressive that I was just blown away.

Count yourselves lucky, locals. And thank you, dancers."
-Anonymous post on Craig's list after a Cincy International Festival show...thank you for such kind words...whoever you are!!!!

"I became acquainted with Katy and her dancers at a wedding reception I attended. I was so impressed with their talent that I hired them to dance at our company's Corporate Dinner. They were a great success, and our employees still comment on what fantastic and professional performers they were. I would hire them again without hesitation."

"We recently hired a belly dancer for a corporate birthday party and were delighted with the service. It really enhanced the fun atmosphere of the party. The dancer was extremely professional and her grace and the elegance of the dance were extraordinary."

"Thank you all sooooo much for dancing at our Spring Fling Belly Dance Thing. I appreciate your support from the bottom of my heart! Your cool, inspired performances added a unique element to the evening and added a certain balance to the show. It wouldn't have been the same without you."
-Nataj, Habeeba's Cincinnati

Teaching Testimonials
"I'm already down to my pre-pregnancy weight...just a mere 2.5 weeks after giving birth (I had gained 20 lbs total)! And I attribute that to being active throughout my pregnancy with the belly dancing and the Tai Chi. Granted, my stomach muscles are still a bit stretched out so we have some work ahead of us to tighten those back up, but being able to zip up my jeans without the use of the belly belt extender...awesome! :)"
-Dawn, Belly dance and Tai Chi student

"This was the best dance class I've taken in years!"
-Student at Great Lakes Belly Dance Convention

"As one of my personal favorites, Katy Moeggenberg was one of my first choices when I began a program of "Specialty Class" offerings at my studio. The grace and strength of the American Tribal style is exquisite and Katy is particularly exemplary! She is also extremely creative and brings that with her into the class room as well as her exciting performances. Katy is a patient, well versed teacher that my Specialty Class attendees found easy to learn from, enhanced by her warm and inviting personality. Many expressed to me that they felt they gained a great deal in their dance growth from the expertise Katy shared with them. It was one of my best turnouts thus far for classes in this program and have already scheduled another teaching date."
-Kira LaFave
-Owner, Kira's Oasis Studio & Hall

"Katy's dancing makes me proud to be a girl."

"Dance is my happy time; I am always happy at the end of class no matter what mood I started the class."
-Jen, Student

"Belly dancing has opened my eyes, mind, and heart to a whole new world of shaking like Jell-O and feeling pretty while doing so."
-Stephanie, Student

"I was looking for a fun way to get excercise. I hate going to the gym because I think it's boring. I caught the Anaya Gypsy performance at 2003 Summerfair. The next week I started taking classes and love it. I'm now in the intermediate class. I've lost some weight, am more flexible, and love showing off what I learn in class to my friends."
-Shannon, Student

"Katy's booty makes me want to dance."
-Lauren, Student

"I really enjoy taking tribal belly dancing... not only does it relieve stress, you gain some really good friends. After dancing for almost 4 years I had a baby in Oct. of 03', and now after coming back in only 6 wks. I am losing the weight pretty rapidly. I really recommend it to any age.
-Lisa, Student

"I have been learning tribal dancing for 3 years now. It has been a spiritual dance for me. It makes me feel feminine and very aware of my body, which is a good thing, being that I have always been more of a tomboy. It has put me in touch with myself and I have developed (what I call) a sisterhood with a lot of my fellow dancers. In a few words...I love it!"
-Sue, Student

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