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Dancing at Anaya

Here are just a few ways you’ll benefit from fusion belly dance.

Do something just for you

Whether you’ve always wanted to try belly dancing, or your goal is just to step outside your comfort zone, give yourself an hour to do something new. Think of it as self-care.

Stay active and get fit

From muscle isolation to cardio, belly dance is a total body workout that boosts endorphins and builds strength, flexibility, rhythm and grace through fast and slow movements.

Build friendships

Our students have formed friendships for life after meeting new people in dance class. Bring some friends of your own and grow into the dance with them. We’re a diverse and welcoming community – the more the merrier!

Gain confidence

Be proud of everything you’ve gained from dance class – your new skills, the changes to your body, your increased energy levels, new friends. You may even discover you’re a leader.

Meet Our Instructors

Katy - Intermediate and Advanced belly dance classes
Robyn - Beginner belly dance classes



Body positive, educational and informal fun; all the great ingredients and more to learn the art of belly dance. Katy and the Anaya troupe are well known and respected in the community. Learning in this environment has encouraged me in many avenues in my life and the group dynamics at play here are second to none.


Anaya Belly Dance is an outstanding studio! Having only a little dance experience as a kid, I was nervous about taking classes and trying to learn to dance (in my late 30's)! But after one class, I was hooked and have been dancing with Katy and all of the beautiful ladies there for the past 10 years! You won't find a better place to learn and experience the art of belly dancing!


Not only is Katy a very awesome, dedicated & caring teacher, but the sense of fraternity and sisterhood here is totally amazing! As someone who has dealt with self-esteem issues all my life, I have finally found a place with an overwhelming sense of belonging, love and community! The exercise is also very awesome!


Amazing and talented dancers coupled with amazing classes taught with a focus on excellence and body mechanics.
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